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Guide Creator: Free Step-by-Step Guides

Capture your processes via screenshots and turn them into helpful step-by-step guides for customers, prospects, and colleagues.
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How to use HubSpot's Guide Creator

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Capture and share guides in seconds

Create walkthrough guides that show your people how to get things done. Add the Guide Creator Chrome extension and start documenting your processes right away. 

When you start capturing, Guide Creator grabs a screenshot each time you click. Once you're finished, your step-by-step guide documenting every step of your process is ready to edit and share.

How to create guides with Guide Creator

Create beautiful step-by-step guides

The Guide Creator editor automatically labels your steps and lays out your screenshots. Crop the images and adjust the wording to suit your audience whether that's teammates looking for a hand, customers that want to get things done, or prospects looking to find out more about how you can help them.

Share guides with customers

Share Your Documentation with Stakeholders and Customers

Once you're happy with your guide, share a link to a webpage that can be accessed wherever your users are. No need to jump on a call and screen share each time you need to share your knowledge.

If your guide is just for teammates, securely share your guide with anyone in your HubSpot account, Keep sensitive info safe and decide who gets to see and use your documentation.

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Benefits of using step-by-step guides

Step-by-step guides simplify complex processes by breaking them down into manageable steps. You want your users to understand what to do. With a documentation guide, they can utilize the visual and written instruction—making it easier for individuals to grasp and remember information.

This significantly minimizes the chances of errors, streamlines the explanation of repetitive tasks, and ultimately boosts overall productivity. The versatility of step-by-step guides makes them perfect for a variety of purposes, including:

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) creation

SOPs benefit immensely from step-by-step guides. By documenting processes in a straightforward manner, all stakeholders can be on the same page. These guides establish a clear approach for tasks, ensuring uniformity and consistency in operations. By using step-by-step guides to develop SOPs, businesses can maintain high-quality operations and reduce discrepancies across their organization.

Delivering consistent customer support through user tutorials

Standardized documentation enables customer support staff to succeed with your customers. With the help of step-by-step guides, customers' experience becomes consistent and reliable across various issues. They are instrumental in reducing errors and potential miscommunications. 

Guides explain how to address various scenarios in a way that best reflects your company's brand and mission. This streamlines internal processes and simplifies the customer support cycle.

Training new team members with training manuals

Step-by-step guides offer a structured approach for onboarding. These manuals ensure that all employees receive consistent training. By breaking down tasks into understandable steps, they assist newcomers in quickly grasping their roles, facilitating a smoother transition into the organization.

What Makes Using Guide Creator Awesome

Here's why you need Guide Creator to improve you and your team's productivity:
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Real-Time Guide Creation

Automatically transform your web navigation into structured step-by-step guides, perfect for creating SOPs, training manuals, and user tutorials.
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Interactive Walkthroughs

Creating a Guide Creator guide ensures everyone involved gains a comprehensive understanding through your interactive walkthrough
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Multi-Page Process Tracking

Document complex, multi-page processes with HubSpot's Guide Creator. Capture screenshots with each click, then refine and share your detailed guides seamlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • To install the Guide Creator extension, click on any of the "Get the free extension" buttons on this page. This will take you directly to our listing on the Chrome Web Store. From there, just hit "Add to Chrome" and confirm by clicking "Add extension" in the pop-up window. You'll then see the Guide Creator icon appear in your browser toolbar. Click on this icon to start creating interactive guides on any webpage.

  • Guide Creator is currently compatible with Google Chrome.

  • Yes, Guide Creator allows users to edit, update, and refine their guides as needed.

  • Yes, Guide Creator offers easy sharing options so you can distribute your guides to your team, customers, or anyone else who might benefit from them.

  • Guide Creator is 100% free.

  • You can use Guide Creator in Public Beta by pressing either of the "Get the free extension" buttons on this page. You'll be directed to the Chrome extension store from these buttons.

    Once in the tool, you'll create a HubSpot account or log in to your existing one. This will allow you to utilize the Guide Creator extension. 

    • Businesses: To assist customers in navigating a company’s products and enable them for success.
    • Technical Support Teams: To create step-by-step guides to troubleshoot common issues on web platforms.
    • Company trainers: To create standard operating procedures, guide employees through internal web platforms, and provide tutorials on common internal processes.