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Cyber OnRamp

Free Course: Linux Command Line for Beginners. Designed to teach you the Command Line basics for cybersecurity in an online, user-friendly format.

Get access to the free course: Linux Command Line for Beginners.

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Learn the Cybersecurity Fundamentals – Linux Command Line

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We’re dedicated to making the world a safer place through cybersecurity, so we’re making the first 25 hours of the Fullstack Cyber Bootcamp curriculum available to everyone—free.

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Get to be an Expert at Using the Command Line

Cybersecurity is a massively growing industry, and the fluent use of the Command Line is one of the most important skills in a cybersecurity professional’s arsenal. The Cyber OnRamp course is designed to teach beginners the basics of this important skill in a user-friendly, online format.

How You Will Learn in the Cyber OnRamp

  • Video instruction from Cybersecurity experts
  • Learn with Fullstack's Cyberlab platform to hone your new technical skills
  • Through a list of curated resources, we’ll introduce you to important cybersecurity topics
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